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BowSmith™ is epoxy adhesive provides solution for your bows and repairing fixtures purposely for bowmakers and archers.

Surface Preparation:

If the surfaces that you intend to adhere together are not prepared properly, the best adhesive in the world will not hold them together. The major problems in
adhesive delamination is dirt and oil. Whenever possible, the surfaces to be adhered should be abraded with sand paper or by sand or shot blasting before
the adhesive is applied. Oil on the surface of steel or even oil from fingerprints can ruin a bond. If the surface to be bonded is painted, the bond of the paint to
the substrate will be a limiting factor in the overall bond quality. Plastic surfaces should be abraded and when possible flame treated or corona treated to remove
any plasticizer from the surface and provide an oxygen rich surface environment for the adhesive.

When hand mixing the epoxy resins and the hardeners,

It is best to pour the resin, the Part A, into the mixing vessel first.

Ratio A : B 1 : 1

The product should be weighed to the nearest gram or to the nearest 0.5%, whichever is more precise.

Next, the Part B is added using the same weighing procedure. Mix the two components using a stir stick.

Mix the product for at least 3 minutes by the clock…scraping the sides and bottom of the mix vessel frequently. [Remember, it’s just like baking a cake!]

After the products have been thoroughly mixed, the mixture should be used in the adhesive step. Often, the end product must be totally free of voids and bubbles.

Setting And Curing Time.

Setting Time reaches 95% of its full cure within 24 hours, and 100% of its cure within 72 hours.

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