Epoxy Fiberglass For Traditional Bow Making Various Size Quality by Arrouha


Epoxy Fiberglass for Traditional Archery Bow Making

DIY Parts URGENTLY for Your First Bow purposely for Bowyer.

Price Shown for 1 Piece


Proposed Making Criteria:
3x28x1000MM ~ kidz bow
4x30x1200MM ~ 30 – 35lbs
4x30x1500MM ~ 30 – 40lbs ( Good for bending bow)
5x30x1200MM ~ 40 – 50lbs
5x30x1500MM ~ 40 – 50lbs ( Good for bending bow)
6x31x1500MM ~ Over > 50lbs
1.5x50x1500MM ~ For Laminated Bow

Tatar Bow, Mongolian Bow, Turkish Bow etc.

Suggested Epoxy ~ “Bowsmith Epoxy ” get this in our store


If need assistance pls contact me

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Please Read Carefully
Purchase Note
Epoxy Fiberglass strips are manufactured using a pultrusion process. It is made of alkali-free glass cloth and impregnated with epoxy resin under pressure and heat. Epoxy yarn is part of element for stronger strength and flexibility for the strips.

For bow making process our most importance requirement thing is STRENGTH. And willful, our product are free to test, the basic natural color are water green,.then basic concept is the more yarn will result blurred in color and less in transparency. If you still entangled with TRANSPARENCY please do so and turn other way around.

If you purchasing for strength and flexibility, please accept the assured quality we produced and will satisfied you. The product is hereby declared.

Best wishes

Weight 1 kg

3 x 28 x 1000mm, 4 x 30 x 1200mm, 5 x 30 x 1200mm, 6 x 31 x 1500mm, 1.5 x 50 x 1500mm

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