Arrouha Busur Lang Legar Black Special Edition 30-45lbs Special Deco Pakis Nusantara

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Warranty: 1 Year

Inspired by the Turkish horn bow, Lang Legar will definitely meet your horseback archery needs as it is well structured for a dynamic shooting. Be it for thumb draw or Mediterranean draw, both will be drawn smoothly up to 29 Inches length due to its unique shape and material used. Attached with a nice leather grip, a hand shock while releasing the arrow is almost impossible.


  • -Bow Length Strung : 41 Inches
  • Bow Mass : 350 grams
  • Draw Weight: 30 – 45 lbs
  • Highstrength epoxy fibreglass and hardwood.
  • Brown-ell Fast-flight bowstring
  • Sounder Nocking Point

Free Arrouha Polyster Bowsock

NIce decorated Nusantara Pakis type of carving deco at bow-limb.

Feel Power! Feel The Experience!

Weight 2.8 kg
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