Arrouha Rentas Belantara Full Package Traditional Archery Bow and Arrow

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Like the ancient bows, these modern ones are made without arrow rests. So will be used right- or left- handed. Most folk use a leather glove to protect were the arrow passes over the side of the bow hand. If you are not certain you can adapt to not having a rest, a rest can be added very simply, binding a rest shelf on with leather or string. This most compact bow with physical dimension of 40 inches bowstrung length. Commonly being used by beginner or adult.

Material : Epoxy Fiberglass

Bow Strung Length : 40Inches

Draw Weight : 27 – 30Lbs @ draw length 28 Inches

Mass Weight : 290grams

Bowstring : Dacron Brownell @ BCY B55

Wood : Balau Hardwood

Handle : Black Leather Milled

Finishes : PU Black Luxury and Ancient looks

**** Special Smart Package Includes ****

5 x Pure Carbon Arrows

Nocking Clip ( clipped at bow string )

PU Premium Hip Quiver

Polyster Bow Sock

Leather Thumbguard

Specially Made For You!

Sincerely by

Zairol Daud











Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 125 × 20 × 5 cm

27 Lbs, 30 Lbs


Black, Dark Brown

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