Arrouha Adikara Traditional Bow Package 30-40Lbs For Archery Sports

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Like the ancient bows, these modern ones are made without arrow rests. So will be used right- or left- handed. Most folk use a leather glove to protect were the arrow passes over the side of the bow hand. This most comfortable bow with physical dimension of 44 inches bowstrung length. Commonly being used by adult.

Material : Epoxy Fiberglass

Bow Strung Length : 44Inches

Draw Weight : 30, 35 and 40Lbs @ draw length 28 Inches

Mass Weight : 310grams

Bowstring : Dacron BCY B55

Wood : Balau Hardwood

Handle : Black Leather Milled

Finishes : PU Black Luxury and Ancient looks

**** Special Smart Package Includes ****

5 x Pure Carbon Arrows

Nocking Clip ( clipped at bow string )

PU Premium Hip Quiver

Polyster Bow Sock

Leather Thumbguard

Specially Made For You!

Sincerely by

Zairol Daud











Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 125 × 20 × 5 cm
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