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Arrouha Archery Mossy Oak Realtree Package Busur Jati Tunggal 25lbs @ 28Inches

RM259.00 RM199.00

The most advanced simplicity, engineered by Arrouha team to fits any shooter especially for first timers. High demand of easy handling, durability and modern styling makes Jati Tunggal one of the most bow in the community.


Lang Legar Turkish Special Edition Horse Bow 30 – 45 Lbs @ 28″

RM610.00 RM470.00

This bow are designed ideal for Intermediate Horse Back Archer. Feel the powerful performance with modern material durable and flexible with cheapest price ever. Nice quality handmade.


Lela Kenchana Turkish For Beginner and Kids  20Lbs @ 28Inches

RM249.00 RM190.00

Providing for aspiring kid archers with everything they need to get started and learn to hit the target.

Recommended for children from 5 to 12 years old which requires adult supervision.

Arrouha are designing equipment to specifically fit the needs of kids to ensure can safely develop their archery skills.